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THE Art Project -PTA HELP

Many of our Art Projects are run by the School PTA.

Usually this means that the artwork is organised as an out of School activity.

The time and effort that has gone into the artwork is obviously reflected in the finished products. If you can involve the school staff in working with the children during school time to produce the designs then this is great, but this is not always practically possible.

However you can involve the teachers in smaller ways by asking them to spend 5 minutes introducing the project and talking to the children about their designs. Or you can organise a small introduction to the children yourselves.

If the project is properly introduced we have found that the designs produced at home can be dramatically improved and the interest from parents raised. (Usually the Head Teacher is more than happy to be involved in the introduction of a PTA event so have a word with them first).

Organising an art project

Each child should take home an A4 piece of paper, an order form and a letter to the parents explaining the project. We provide the order forms in the class pack and a suggested letter to parents can be found on our Resources page, this can be edited to suit your purpose.

We recommend this takes place on a Thursday or Friday so as to give the children a weekend to complete the design.


Ask the children to return their orders by a date set by yourselves allowing a couple of days for those that forget to return their orders by the deadline.

Ask the school or organise a couple of parent volunteers to fill in order forms and collect the money. Remember that cheques should be made payable to your PTA organisation.

Phone us and we will organise the collection of your artwork and orders along with your payment. All cheques must be made out to Cauliflower Cards Ltd.

 Split Families 

Photocopy the artwork and stick this to a separate order form to give out to both parents. 


We provide sample cards in the class packs and these could be used along with our A3 poster we provide or the A4 poster that can be downloaded and printed off from the Resources page, to create a display on a school notice board.

project time SCALES

We have found from experience that even if a Christmas Card Project has been extremely successful, running another similar project in close succession has less of an impact.

It is a good idea to space projects out. If you have had a successful Christmas card project maybe try a different type of project in the Spring or Summer.

Image by Sorasak
Post It

To Do:

Brainstorm ideas

Find pens

Collect Orders

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