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artwork after editing
artwork before editing - original

TURN your Artwork or Photographs into beautiful products!

This Project is Ideal for:

  • Artists & Photographers

  • Charities & Fundraising Organisations

  • Individuals who are not doing a group project

Products Available:

  • Packs of 12x A6 Cards + envelopes

  • Packs of 6x A5 Cards + envelopes

  • Mugs - 10oz Durham Styled

  • Wrapping Paper 2x A1 sheets + 2x Tags

  • A5 Spiral Notebooks (Portrait, Landscapes)

  • Packs of 16x Adhesive Gift Labels

 Order Process 

Image by Brent De Ranter
  • Read through out Artwork Guidelines to create the best artwork to print.

  • Fill in an online Individual Artwork Order Form - giving each piece of artwork a meaningful reference name.

  • We will then email you a form to attach to each artwork you are sending - you will need to print these out.

  • Please attach artwork to the form with a glue Stick! Don't use staples, paperclips and Sellotape as this will show on the card!.

  • Write your Artwork Reference on the back of each piece of artwork in case the form becomes separated and draw an arrow pointing to the top of the artwork to indicate orientation.

  • If you are ordering for more than one piece of artwork make sure you attach the right form to the correct piece of artwork or your order will not be correct.

  • Post to us in an A4 Envelope (Large Letter) and ensure a Large Letter Postage stamp is used.

  • Send us your Order: 

Individual Orders Department, 

Cauliflower Group Ltd, 

Unit 7A Woolmer Way, 



GU35 9QE

  • We will email you a login to our ordering system once we've processed your artwork.

  • Log in to view your artwork and place your orders.

  • Your artwork will be returned with your purchases.

Image by Pascal Bernardon
Image by Kasturi Roy
Misty Forest Reflection
Still Life Painting Artwork


Please ensure your pay for a Large Letter stamp or the Post Office will not deliver to us.

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