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Privacy Policy 

Cauliflower Group Ltd. value their close working relationship with their customers and aim at all times to produce the best possible product within an efficient timetable. With this in mind we have laid out below our terms and conditions for each of our main products covering all major aspects of our production process and customer service.

Data Protection Policy

Compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998


Principle 1: Processing personal data fairly and lawfully

  • Cauliflower Group will only use the data provided by the customer in a way that they would reasonably expect to produce their order.

  • No personal data is passed on to third party companies.


Principle 2: Processing personal data for specified purposes

  • Cauliflower Group will only obtain customer’s personal data for the purpose of their order and that data shall not be further processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose.


Principle 3: Holding personal data that is adequate, relevant and not excessive

  • Cauliflower Group will only hold personal data about an individual that is sufficient to produce their order and future reorders.


Principle 4: Personal data shall be accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date

  • Cauliflower Group updates their customer database continuously - contact details are removed, updated and/or replaced.


Principle 5: Duration we hold Personal Data

  • Cauliflower Group only holds a modest amount of personal data. They conduct an annual audit on each registration renewal to check through the records they hold to make sure they are not holding onto personal data for longer than is required.

  • Users of Cauliflower Groups Online Creators can at any point permanently delete all data they have entered in the system.

  • Cauliflower Group will delete all personal data on any inactive accounts after a rolling period of 18 months. This will remove all personal, bespoke and order information from your account.


Principle 6: Personal Data and the Right to opt out

  • Cauliflower Group includes a tick box on Pupil Order Forms where a customer can request the submitted artwork is not used for future samples. Any referral to a customer is deleted from any images used for promotional or advertising purposes.

  • Cauliflower Group only contact individuals by email when their details have been obtained in the course of a sale and only contacts them about similar products and services they provide. The individual is given the opportunity to opt out of receiving further marketing messages.


Principle 7: Security to prevent the personal data held being accidentally or deliberately compromised

Premises Security

  • Cauliflower Group has secure alarmed premises attached to a Red Care Monitoring station.

  • The Premises has front and rear building CCTV.

Courier Services

Use of Nationally recognised courier service that has received government contracts with schools in the past - including KS2 exam paper collection/deliveries.

Third Party Enquiries

  • All staff to be aware of Data Protection.

  • All staff are trained in the company security measures including:

  • To be wary of people who may trick them into giving out personal details.

  • Not to send offensive emails about other people, their private lives or anything else that could bring the Company into disrepute.

  • Not to believe emails which appear to come from the bank asking for credit cards details or a password.

  • Not to open spam.

  • Reorders of Books will only be processed when placed through the child’s school or original customer.

  • Reorder of School Cards can only be made using the child's unique code.


Computer Security

Internal computers

  • Have Microsoft Security Essential virus checking software loaded, and are set up to receive the latest patches and security updates.

  • Incoming emails are delivered by a large email supplier 123.Reg and are scanned by Net Intelligence.

  • Computers are scheduled to connect to the internet during office hours only and time out after a 20min period.

  • Staff only have access to the information they need to do their job and do not share passwords.

  • Regular backups are taken so information is not lost.

  • All personal information is removed before disposing of old computers.

Web and Online Service Hosting Security

This is outsourced to a large well established company: Amazon EC2 Webservices: As the biggest web services supplier it complies with all Physical Security and Data Transfer requirements. This is hosted in Ireland - part of the EEC. Amazon is certified under ISO 27001:2013 (expiry of current certificate 11/07/2019. Please visit AWS for their Compliance details:


Site Online Security

  • Each online user for our online creator systems must register their details to receive a unique password.

  • Our School User Passwords are set to different security levels which allow for a range of access to data - this is control by the organiser of an online project.

  • Time settings can be controlled by a School Project Organiser to allow younger users who have passwords limited access to Cauliflower Group book Creator site. (ie school hours only)

  • SSL certificates are in place for all data transfer requirements.


Printed Information

  • All confidential paper based data is archived on site for a period of 12 months.

  • The company then shred all sensitive material including order forms, cards and yearbooks before disposing of materials.


Online Transactions

  • These are made directly through Stripe. This company complies with processing procedures for Online Payment Requirements.

  • We do not record or store any bank card details or take over the phone payments.


Below please find the data we will hold with regard school orders:

Customer Information Audit

  • Xero Accounts Software - Invoice Details

  • Cauliflower Data Base - Customer Contact Details

  • Print Files used for production

  • Physical Products Manufactured (before shipping)

  • Data Transfers - Data entry temps or outsourced

  • Online Orders details made from our Websites - (Cleared after each project)

  • Emails - (cleared on regular periods)

  • Accountants - holds copy of accounts

  • Parents Hard Copy Order Forms (returned to schools)

  • Parcel Force Database - Customer name and address


Data processed and held for each order

Paper Based Orders

Each order form has field for child name and order quantities Childs Name/Nick Name (as required by parent on printed product) - Written by parents (optional) - data entered by data entry team


Quantity Order information - provided by parent

Provided by Parent - data entered by data entry team


Class Code -Letter A-Z Sticky label stuck to each class batch - to define class - no class names used

Letters attached by office staff before we scan artwork - letter will be data entered by data entry team


Associate School Code - 4 digit number Assigned to school files before data entry by our office staff - no school names used Automatically assigned to scanned batch using bespoke program run by the office before date entry to create file names with school code


Names of pupils are associated with a unique class code and unique school code only during data entry. (no location information is data entered)


Name of Organiser - with contact details

Entered online by school organiser and held on company database


Delivery address of Organisation

Entered online by school organiser and held on our company database


School identification codes

Entered by office staff and held on our company database


Online Orders

Orders are placed online by parents


Childs Name/Nick Name (as required by parent on printed product

Entered by Parent online - stored on our on database


Quantity Order information - provided by parent

Entered by Parent online - stored on our database can be deleted by parent


Class Name

Entered by parent and changed to a letter by our software


Delivery Address - for reorders

Entered by parent online - stored on our database and can be deleted by parent


Accounts with unique login details and password are created. Pupils are identified by a unique code printed on their order form - the unique code identifies all files associated with the order.


Name of Organiser - with contact details

Entered online by school organiser and held on company database


Delivery address of Organisation

Entered online by school organiser and held on our company database


School identification codes

Entered by office staff and held on our company database


Protecting Identity

  • There are processes in place to allow individual pupils within a school, in sensitive situations to participate in our projects without names /school logos/ being associated with products if the rest of the school wish to include these features.

  • School Name, Childs Name and School Logo are an optional identifying feature which schools may choose to include if they wish - this does not form a requirement for any of our projects.​

Delivery Schedule 

Card Project orders

They will be delivered according to the guidelines in your project pack - dates are located on your 'Admin Guide'.

Reorders: Please allow 5 working days from the date of placing your order to receiving your goods.

Urgent Orders

Please advise us on your order form of any special deadlines you require and we will endeavour to adjust your allocated project time slot accordingly. Call us to discuss special delivery options on 0800 043 2273.

Postal Service Provider

Card Project Orders will be delivered by Parcel Force on 24 hour delivery unless otherwise arranged.

Reorders unless oversized will be delivered by Royal Mail standard postal service unless otherwise organised.

International Orders

Please call the office to assist you with your order. Costs for shipping will be based on the standard rate for the weight of the package and its destination - we do not add any mark up on our delivery costs.

BFPO orders can be organised.

Returns & Refunds 

We pride ourselves in producing excellent products therefore if you are not happy with the goods you receive please call the office to inform us of your problem on 0800 043 2273.

Damage to your product and/or errors made on our part will be fully refunded or the product replaced if requested.

On return of incorrect or damaged goods Cauliflower cards will replace or refund goods sold as required.

All returned goods must be unused and in their original packaging.

Goods must be returned within 30 days.

Unfortunately refunds will not be made on sale of customised products where the customer is responsible for the error that has occurred

(ie customer spelling mistake, or provision of incorrect art work).


Disclaimer for Custom Products:

Products sold as part of a group Card Project:

Cauliflower Cards can only produce their best quality prints if the artwork guidelines are followed carefully. Any artwork that does not comply with the artwork guidelines will be processed but some details may be lost.

Limitations in the digital printing spectrum coupled with the wide range of art materials we allow children to use may result in some colours/shades not reproducing exactly. We cannot guarantee colour accuracy.


Individual/Custom Cards:

A proof will be printed free of charge if requested and our designer will work on your images to gain the results you require. On signing off the proof  this will stand as confirmation that you are happy with the product.

PDF proofs may be a preferred method of signing off work for a customer and Cauliflower Cards  will provide this service if requested. Printed products will have a different look and feel to screen versions and colours may slightly vary.



Bespoke Goods & Made to Order Products do not qualify for the 14 calendar day cooling off period – once you have placed an order and production has commenced your order cannot be cancelled or changed.


Bespoke Goods & Made to Order Products – Cannot be corrected or refunded due to customer error. Your product can be reordered and corrected during this process - discounts may be available in certain circumstances.

Events Beyond Our Control 

Products will still be chargeable in the circumstance where we have manufactured bespoke products and there is a delay in delivering these products to you in the expected timescale,where that failure or delay results from any cause that is beyond our reasonable control. Such causes include, but are not limited to: Industrial action by third parties, riots and other civil unrest, floods, storms, earthquakes, acts of terrorism (threatened or actual), acts of war (declared,actual or preparations for war), epidemic or other natural disaster, or any other event that is beyond our reasonable control.


In the event of any of the above:

  • We will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible;

  • We will take all reasonable steps to minimise the delay;

  • We will post updates on our website – if possible;

  • We reserve the right to cancel orders and refund where production of products has yet to commence or is unlikely to complete in the near future.

  • Customers will not have the right to request a refund on delayed products that have been manufactured or part way in process of manufacturing.

  • We will ensure delivery of your products at the soonest possible date;

Contact Us 



Cauliflower Cards Ltd

Unit 52 Woolmer Way

Bordon, Hants

GU35 9QF


0800 043 2273 or 01420 477012

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