Has your artwork missed the school collection?​

  • Please ensure you have read the Artwork Guidelines if you are creating your artwork at home.

  • Orders must be placed and paid for online from the link on this page.

  • Post your artwork / form and a printout of payment confirmation to us using the address on this page.

Additional School Orders

  • Prior to the 23rd of November if you place your order and send your artwork and order form into us we will try and match it with your school.

  • If your school has already been scanned we can still process your order but it will not be returned with the main batch instead they will be returned to the school as a second delivery in early December.

  • If you place an order before the 23rd but we don't receive your artwork by the time we have run the second batch (26th Nov) your order will be automatically be refunded and we will not process your order.

Late Orders

  • After the 23rd of November you can still order however your products will be returned to your home address and a P&P fee will be charged.

You will need to send your late artwork into us using the correct large letter postage stamp. Mark this for the attention of the Late Artwork Department.


 Please ensure you pay 

 for a Large Letter stamp 

 or the Post Office will 

 not deliver to us 

Post your orders to:

Late Artwork Department

Cauliflower Group Ltd

Unit 7A Woolmer Way



GU35 9QE

Commission will not be paid out on Second Batch or Late Artwork. 

 ADDITIONAL SCHOOL orders close at midnight on the 23rd of November
 and artwork must be received by Monday the 26th of November 


If you don't enclose your order form confirmation with your artwork - we will not be able to match your artwork to your order.