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Parents & Schools - who placed orders online but missed the school collection

If you have placed an order online and the artwork missed the school courier collection please send this into us as quickly as possible using the address below & the correct postage for a large envelope.

Post your orders to:

Late Artwork Department

Cauliflower Group Ltd

Unit 7A Woolmer Way



GU35 9QE

If we receive the artwork before we have started the production process for your school we will include these orders with the rest of the school orders.

If we have already processed the school then these orders will be sent out as a separate batch a few weeks after the main order.

When we have completed this second batch we will refund orders where artwork has not been received.

Parents - who didn't order online when the school shop was open

If you decide you would like to place an order but the school order deadline has come and gone please complete the following instructions:


IMPORTANT Set up an online account via the parent shop and add the codes from your children’s artwork forms - you will then be able to continue to place an order then when we have received your artwork (see instruction below).

You will receive an email confirmation to commence ordering when we have processed your artwork.

**If you don't set up a parent account with the artwork codes added before you send in your artwork we will not be able to process your artwork.**

Orders will incur a delivery fee as they will be delivered to you specified address separately to the main school orders.

 Sending in your Artwork Instructions: 

Method 1 (Priority Method)

After setting up your parent account post your artwork to us using the address below - ensure if you use a large envelope you affix a large letter stamp.

When we receive your artwork we will send a confirmation email and you will then be able to log back onto your parent shop and place your orders.

Late Artwork Department, Cauliflower Group Ltd, Unit 7A Woolmer Way, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 9QE

Post your orders to: 

If the image received does not meet the required standards you will not be able to proceed with your order.

Method 2 (Available depending on demand)

After setting up your parent account, upload a good quality high resolution image using our upload facility below and on receipt of a suitable image you will receive an email to confirm that you may log back onto your parent account and place your orders:


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