School Card Projects

Cauliflower Cards is one of the biggest school christmas card printing companies in the UK. Established in 2006 we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in meeting the needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves on providing a fast and friendly service with highly competitive prices!

Great Fundraising for Schools!

Our School Christmas Cards are Fantastic for School Fundraising:

Our School Christmas Card project is a fantastic fundraising activity for schools and very popular amongst parents, grandparents, and family friends who love to send and receive something with a more personal touch!
Parents are always keen to support this activity as they would be buying Christmas cards anyway – and of course these ones will be special!
Encouraging Creativity - Boosting Pupils Self Esteem
Children love the process of creating their designs and there is a real excitement when they see the designs professionally printed and beautifully packaged.
Everyone can be involved:
We have a wide range of greetings that can be selected to print inside our cards: Greetings include: Eid, Diwali, Thank You, a range of Christmas Greetings including Welsh and Gaelic, Seasonal Greetings or alternatively our cards can be left blank inside to allow for any other uses.

School Christmas Card Project 2014:

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Individual Cards

Have your artwork or photographs made into beautiful greeting cards or postcards! Go to individual cards.

All Groups Welcome!

Our School Card Project is open to any group who would like to participate including: Nurseries, Brownies, Cubs, Youth Groups, Choirs etc.