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  • Individual Card Order Process

    IMPORTANT! Please ensure your pay for a Large Letter stamp or the
    Post Office will not deliver to us.

    How to Place your order:

    1. Fill in our online form (Send Me My Code - below).
    2. Send Me My Code
    3. We will email you a form with a unique code.
    4. (once you have received your form and code) Use this unique code to place your order and pay online.
      Place Your Order Here
    5. Then write the name of the artist on the back of your artwork.
    6. Print your form (one per artwork) and attach this to the correct artwork with a staple in the corner or paper clip - do not glue to the back.
    7. If you are ordering for more than one piece of artwork make sure you attach the right form to the correct piece of artwork or your order will not be correct.
    8. Post to us in an A4 Envelope (Large Letter) and ensure a Large Letter Postage stamp.
    9. Send us your Order:
      Individual Orders department,
      Cauliflower Group Ltd,
      Unit 52 Woolmer Way,
      Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 9QF
  • Artwork Guidelines


    • Pastels (chalk and oil)

    • Paints (all techniques & media)

    • Collage (secure well!)

    • Felt pens

    • Line drawings - Pencil or ink

    • Inks

    • Printing

    • Sprinkled glitter

    • Charcoal

  • Available from Christmas Cards: Jan - Sep

    We offer the following products in January:

    Packs of 12 A6 Cards + envelopes

    Extra Pack(s) of Cards + envelopes

    12 individually wrapped A6 CARDS + envelopes

    Packs(s) of 12 A6 Postcards

    Packs of 16 Adhesive Gift Labels

    Packs of 12 A5 Cards + envelopes


Unit 52 Woolmer Way

Bordon, Hampshire,

GU35 9QF

FREEPHONE: 0800 043 2273

Fax: 01420 477322


we only use paper

from managed forests


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