THE Art Project - Frequently asked questions

Admin & Organisation:

Does the school pay any up front costs?

No, our project packs are free as are all delivery and collections. The only costs are for the packs of cards themselves and only when they are actually ordered.

We have registered and received your pack and would like to go ahead. Do we need to contact you to confirm our participation?

No. We would only ask you to return the project pack if you did not intend to take part.

Do we need to let you know if we decide not to participate?

No you do not need to contact us. However if you do then it can be helpful as we can take you off our database - resulting in us not proceeding with a courtesy call around the time we start doing collections.

Can parents, siblings, teachers also take part?

Yes download an extra order form and send it back with your child's order and include the extra payment.

Is the card project open to any other groups?

Yes we are happy for any group to take part in the project.

Who do we need to make the cheque out to?

"Cauliflower Group Ltd" please.

Can a child submit more than one card design?

Yes but each new design must be treated as a separate order and each first pack purchased in each design should be sold at the first pack price.

How can we order some more Notelets & Postcards?

You can order Online from our SHOP.

How can you claim VAT back?

Some local authorities allow you to claim VAT back if you have paid through your local authority account. We have also been told that VAT can be claimed back if you are registered as a charity. Our prices include VAT and we provide a full invoice with the return of your cards. Please contact your local authority to find out if you are able to claim.

Do we send all the money to you and you send us a cheque back for the money we raised?

No. An Invoice will be sent at the end of the project which is for the school£4.50 for each first pack of any design ordered and £3.50 for any additional packs ordered from each design. If all has added up correctly the school should have retained the suggested £1 for every pack sold regardless of whether it is a first pack or an additional pack.

Is it possible not to include a child's name on the back?

Yes. On the Pupil Order Form leave section 1. Card Design Created by part blank and we will print the card with no name on the back.

When will we get our cards back?

We operate a first in, first out process so cards are returned as soon as they have been completed and boxed up.

Is there a minimum order?


We have a junior and infant school, we have ordered a pack for everyone; How do we organise for the schools to have separate names appear on the back?

Photocopy the school order form and fill in one for your infant school and one for your junior school. Return your class envelopes in two piles (secured by elastic band) with the appropriate school order form attached to each pile. You only need raise a cheque for the total and can bag them up together for collection.


Are your mugs dishwasher and microwave safe?

Yes they are, however to extend the life of your design, we suggest you handwash them.

How can we order some more products?

You can order Online from our SHOP.

Do you make corrections to cards that have been printed with an error?

We will correct and resend out to individuals any corrections that are a result of an error on our part. Please phone our customer services and have your card number ready so that we can bring up your details. We scan all order forms and artwork so that we can refer to these whilst discussing any errors with you.

Where do I find information about corrections?

Our Terms and Conditions are sent out to schools and organisations as part of their paperwork for participation in our project, a copy of this is located in our footer. These will explain the following topics: • Why you might find a border on your artwork • Why your organisation name may not be on the back of the cards • How we process ambiguous spelling on order forms • Why your child's name may not be on the back of the cards • Why some of your child's design may be chopped off

I have another child who would like to do a card can they send something in separately?

If you would like to send in an individual piece of work this is dealt with as an individual card. Please read our section on this site for Individual Cards and use the form provided for Individual Cards.


Can the artwork be bigger than A4?

Sorry we are unable to scan artwork greater than A4.

Can the artwork be smaller than A4?

Yes it could be smaller but the aspect ratio must be the same for example: A5

Can we use fabric / sewing work?

Yes this scans very well. Please make sure it is well secured.

Can the artwork be raised / thick?

Yes but really no more than 1cm.

Is artwork returned?

We will return artwork with your cards in this way it could be used for seasonal displays.

Does the artwork get damaged?

The process the artwork goes through causes no damage however we can't guarantee that artwork isn't bent by courier companies in transit. We look after the work carefully when we receive it and it is returned in the class envelopes inside heavy packing boxes when we return the cards.

Can any media be used for printing?

Some materials do not reproduce accurately: pale colour pencils shades, white on white, silver on white, some metallics. Please go to Artwork Guidelines.

This project is available from January through to mid September.